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We Shape The Future Of The Web 3.0 Ecosystem

Connectivity Bridges

Thanks to HOLOSWITCH® and INREAL® you will always stay connected to real life while using XR technologies. Receive notifications & messages, handling payment processes, use your phone as a surveillance camera, or easily create clips and snapshots in VR - without taking off your VR headset.


Payment Bridges

With HOLOPAL® we offer modular & data-safe solutions for financial services and more, addressing users and online businesses especially payment services for Extended Realities (XR) in real time, cheaper, tamper-proof and secure.

Application example: our 3D watches have an automatic connection to the smartphone and thus access to the smartphone wallets. Thereby: Payment of digital game assets with crypto in all gaming spaces, including Playstation. Without having to open additional wallets.

Asset Custody Bridges

With WARRANTI® we create the link between the physical and virtual world and provide the gateway to digitalize assets into assets based on a blockchain – with all the advantages of the physical world: clear owner rights, transparent, traceable, free from manipulation, integration opportunity with our own NFT investment fund. 

Application example: Service for art collectors. The artwork is stored insured in a high security warehouse and a digital asset (ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II certified) is created in the form of an NFT (including handling storage costs and KYC). The NFT is traded until delivery is requested.

NFT Bridges

We take 100% responsibility for NFT development including strategy, project management, and performance. Thanks to dynamic & functional on-chain NFTs we deliver the subscription model for monetization of the NFT project right away. 

Application example: NFT with Premium access; smart contract with expiration time 4 weeks, which can be recharged. By expiration every 4 weeks passive income secured by subscription.